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An App that talks to and hears your staff.

An Engine that assimilates and understands their thoughts.

A Dashboard that lets you see your organisation in a way you've never seen before.

Lisn provide an end-to-end feedback collection and processing service which uses cutting edge technologies (Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation) to help hospitals with Quality Improvement, Staff Engagement, and ease the burden on NHS Staff.

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The NHS's most valuable resource isn't being heard.

During the COVID crisis, staff concerns, and complaints shared, tend to be anecdotal and are assessed manually. How do we engage staff in a timely manner and paint a meaningful picture of the front lines?

The lag-time between current feedback mechanisms, analysis and resulting interventions, often means delay. We can’t analyse, adapt, act and monitor in real time, which is vital for agile and timely responses to future COVID waves.

Staff morale is affected by lack of timely communication, clarity, support and friction between central messaging & local action planning. How do we build a reliable and robust approach to  engaging with staff?


Our vision

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Their voice is heard

Health and care staff can work in an environment where they feel confident their concerns are heard, understood, escalated, and acted upon in a timely manner

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Their voice makes a difference

Policy can be shaped in a crisis by live insights from the front lines, creating a shorter lag-time and allowing issues to receive an immediate response

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Their voice drives change

Evidence helps us understand:
- impact and spread of COVID
- benchmark data across organisations/demographics
- management strategies & strengths/weaknesses (national, local and regional nuances are highlighted)

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

"Empower people, support the health and care professionals to deliver better care, improve clinical efficiency and safety and improve population health overall"

NHS Long Term Plan